Image via Etsy shop Big Dot Of Happiness

Image via Etsy shop Big Dot Of Happiness


This time of year can be such a downer. Advertisers step up their body-shaming games; they want to tell us we're ugly and need to be "new and improved" with their products for the New Year. Television, radio and print media are all filled with doctored, offensive images of "before" and "after" pictures. My body is perfect as-is; I'm not a "before". 


So, with so many companies trying to seasonally body-shame us into buying their products using New Year's resolutions as a catalyst, how can we stay positive this New Year? I've compiled a list of positive New Year's resolutions that are either feminist, body-positive or all about essential self-care. Enjoy! 


25 New Year's Resolutions for 2016!


+ I resolve to think at least one positive thought about my body every morning

+ I resolve to accept other people's life decisions as valid

+ I resolve to respect pronoun preferences

+ I resolve to set aside time every week for self-pampering because I deserve it

+ I resolve to cut out negative self-talk and replace it with positivity

+ I resolve to further explore my own place and privilege within movements I support in the interest of promoting intersectionality

+ I resolve to not do things that I know will make me sad

+ I resolve to not do things that make me uncomfortable as a result of peer pressure

+ I resolve to celebrate my body in my own way

+ I resolve to accept that some feel empowered through modesty while some feel empowered by exposure, and both are just as valid as the other

+ I resolve to strive to be more consciously accepting of diversity

+ I resolve to take care of my body, but not by striving for unattainable physical goals set by advertisers

+ I resolve to promote diversity and understanding within the BoPo and Feminist movements

+ I resolve to cherish and nurture my close relationships

+ I resolve to stop seeing other people's successes as my absence of success

+ I resolve to stop hyperbolizing my normal emotions using actual medical terminology that can be offensive to disabled people (ex.: I'm so depressed about not getting concert tickets!).

+ I resolve to stop thinking of the word 'fat' as negative, or anything more than a descriptor

+ I resolve to compliment people more

+ I resolve to see the beauty in diversity rather than fearing it

+ I resolve to stand up for what I believe in, even if it makes me unpopular in some circles

+ I resolve not to strive for unattainable universal popularity

+ I resolve to strive for authenticity rather than perfection

+ I resolve not to define perfection in physical terms

+ I resolve to prune toxic people from my garden of friends and family

+ I resolve to not feel badly about about removing toxic people from my life


It's easy to let companies and their body-policing and racially marginalizing advertisements negatively impact your self-esteem and self-image during the holiday season, but you can fight back by practicing radical self-love! Instead of the typical, boring New Year's resolutions that no one keeps anyway, strive for a few or even all of these! They're sure to lift your spirits, positively affect your life by promoting intersectional feminism, respect and diversity!