"Les utopies apparaissent bien plus réalisables qu'on ne le croyait autrefois. Et nous nous trouvons actuellement devant une question bien autrement angoissante: comment éviter leur réalisation définitive?…  Les utopies sont réalisables. La vie marche vers les utopies. Et peut-être un siècle nouveau commence-t-il, un siècle où les intellectuels et la classe cultivée rêveront aux moyens d'éviter les utopies et de retourner à une société non utopique moins 'parfaite' et plus libre." -Berdiaeff


The above paragraph is the epigraph to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and it inspired this campaign. Essentially, the heart of it says that we shouldn't strive for a perfect society and instead we should celebrate individuality and choice. "Moins 'parfaite' et plus libre" means "less 'perfect' and more free", and that little phrase has been buzzing around in my brain for years. Over time, it's evolved into my mantra, my incantation, my battle cry:


I want to be less 'perfect' and more free. 
Je voudrais être moins 'parfaite' et plus libre. 

Such a powerful statement is crammed into such a simple phrase!

Our society puts an enormous emphasis on physical beauty, yet defines it through a narrow, exclusionary scope. The exemplification of a singular, whitewashed, thin physical perfection is outdated and in need of a revolution! This doesn't mean that those who fit into society's current model of what constitutes beauty aren't beautiful; rather, the idea of any singular physical perfection is harmful and outdated.



We need to broaden our definition of beauty and recognize that it's ambiguous, fluid and that there's room in the definition to include every body type, shape, gender, color, and ethnicity, whether the person is able-bodied or not.


We need to free ourselves from this widely-perpetuated idea of exclusionary perfection. We need to stop trying to cram ourselves into a narrow definition of physical beauty and instead free ourselves from the pressure to be anything other than authentic. We need to become #LessPerfectMoreFree

#LessPerfectMoreFree is about honest, unapologetic self-love. It's about doing away with our society's obsession with narrowly-defined physical beauty. It's about seeing the beauty in honest diversity and raw self-expression, with a focus on finding peace, freedom and happiness in yourself by allowing yourself to be beautiful in your own way, not someone else's. 

Cayan is the rockstar behind Cayan Ashley Photography, and she's the babe who helped make this campaign come to life. She strives to help others see the beauty in themselves through raw, natural, honest boudoir photography and fine art portraiture. Cayan believes that there's beauty in shameless authenticity, and her photography captures the raw, honest beauty in people. She sees the intrinsic allure in everyone, and is passionate about capturing the beauty in natural human diversity. Her work is never contrived or forced; it's lovely and free. 

Together, we aim to show babes everywhere that their uniqueness is beautiful, and encourage everyone to celebrate their diversity rather than mask it. To be a part of this campaign, use #LessPerfectMoreFree or #MoinsParfaitePlusLibre on social media; show the world that you're free from the obsession with a harmful, exclusionary representation of physical perfection. Be yourself. Love yourself. You're beautiful, powerful, and so much more than that. There is innate power in fearless authenticity; harness it!

Models: Anna Garvey (@anna.garvey), Minerva Siegel (@SpookyFatBabe), Kaari Taylor (@grngurl1) and Wolfee Kowalakowski

Models: Anna Garvey (@anna.garvey), Minerva Siegel (@SpookyFatBabe), Kaari Taylor (@grngurl1) and Wolfee Kowalakowski