Body harnesses bring BDSM style to everyday fashion.


Harnesses & cage bras are all over the place right now, but finding them in plus sizes can seem impossible. When I first got into them, I looked and looked- the only ones I could find were custom-made on etsy. They weren't exactly what I wanted & I wasn't even positive they'd fit me.

So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to make them myself! I used elastic, a needle, thread and some imagination. I just thought up patterns and sewed them right onto my body so I knew they'd fit me. If you don't feel like just winging it, the internet is absolutely full of harness-making tutorials! 

The body & thigh harnesses shown in this article were custom made & given to me by my good friend Kayla Barker (@fatcrossfitbabe)! She has a sewing machine & knows how to use it- her harnesses turned out way more solid than my poorly hand-sewn ones did! 

Anyway, down to the grit: once you have your harness, how do you wear it? 


+Under Clothes

You can wear harnesses over your bra & under your clothes for a sexy where-does-that-harness-stop-exactly? sort of look that's sure to pique the curiosity of others. This is probably the easiest way to wear them, and it's a bit more conservative than wearing them outside of your clothing, so it's a good first step.


+Over Clothes, But Keep It Simple!

When wearing a harness over clothing, it's important that the base clothing is simple; nothing patterned or busy, or the harness will just get lost in it and the ensemble will look like a mess. So, keep your base layer fitted & simple!


+Contrasted With Ultra-Feminine Pieces

This is probably my favorite way to wear harnesses: contrasted with super feminine pieces. The dynamic and visual interest created by pairing a super feminine, airy dress or top with a solid, hardcore harness is so irresistible! 

+Bonus: Thigh Harnesses

I love thigh harnesses! These ones made by my friend Kayla are amazing. There are a bunch of tutorials online detailing how to make them. I love to wear them with ultra-short bodycon dresses, but they look great when paired with shorts or even over skinny jeans, as shown!
When rocking a thigh harness, I like to keep the rest of my outfit fitted and simple to make the harness the star of the ensemble. Other than that, pair away! It's hard to go wrong when wearing thigh harnesses if you make them the focus of your outfits. 


No matter what type of harness you choose, you're sure to rock it if you follow these simple tips. Don't be afraid to try daring new trends! Life is too short for boring fashion!