We fat babes are taught to try to "camouflage" our stomachs with ruching, strategic patterns, tummy-tucking jeans, & vertical  lines; we're told that our big tummies are problems that need to be hidden. 

No more! 


My stomach is a part of who I am. Yes, it's fat. Yes, it has stretch marks. Yes, it's pale & doughy & soft. None of those facts are reasons not to love myself. They're absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I'm fat- so what? 

Crop tops are so in right now, and they've become part of the fat babe battle cry. Babes wear them to shout, "I'm fat & beautiful!" in the war of Fat Babes Vs. Conventional Beauty Ideals (Spoiler alert- we're winning). To wear a crop top as a plus size person means defying everything that advertisers have taught us about conventional beauty. By wearing one, you're taking control of your identity and making a bold, adorable fashion statement. In a crop top, you're telling the world that you love your body and are proud to show it off! 

Here are three interesting ways to wear them:


With A Contrasted Skirt

I have way too many skirts- a whole closet devoted to them- & I love pairing them with crop tops. When I wear crop tops, I do it daringly, and often like to make a visual statement by pairing the crop top with a contrasting bottom. 
For example, I love putting together this hardcore pleather zip-up crop top with an ultra-feminine, sparkly mauve tulle skirt. The contrasting textures create visual interest that screams, "Confidence Queen!" & slays anyone who thinks that fatties can't pull off cropped tops!


+ With Skinny Jeans

Another way I like to wear crop tops is with my ultra-comfy high-waisted skinny jeans. They leave just a slit of tummy showing and can be paired easily with a crop top of any style, color or print. A solid base, you can't go wrong pairing a crop with a great, fitted pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. 


Go In For The Kill With A Mismatched-But-Cohesive Look

A not-for-the-faint-of-heart way to wear crop tops is to go all-out with mismatched patterns. When doing this, I find it essential to keep your accessories color-coordinated and simple! For instance, I paired this striped crop top with leopard-print leggings. I love the contrast! The bold striped black-&-white top contrasts so well against the leopard legging! The simple, black Doc Marten creepers and black purse keep the look on point and cohesive, because black is in both of the pieces. That's the key to mismatched outfits: make sure the mismatched pieces have a color in common, & use it to accessorize the outfit. 


Crop tops are a bold move for fat babes, & rocking them out in public feels empowering as fuck. I'm so glad that plus size retailers like Charlotte Russe, Smart Glamour & Chubby Cartwheels are offering adorable, fashion-forward crop tops in plus sizes so that fat babes everywhere can join in on the #FatBabeBattleCry:


We're fat, we're beautiful and we're unashamed; hear us roar