We're getting into the season for shorts, and that can dredge up so many negative feelings and body image issues for a lot of people. 


I used to be so self-conscious about my body that I refused to go anywhere without long sleeves or a cardigan on, even in the dead heat of summer. My hemlines always came below my knees or I'd just wear jeans. The thought of daring to wear shorts was laughable to me.


With my cellulite, my fat? How could I possibly wear shorts? I'd think. Watching other girls breeze by comfortably in short dresses and shorts made me jealous and self-loathing. 


I created this photo project to prove that fat babes can wear shorts & short hemlines! We're allowed to be comfortable. We're allowed to be stylish. Beauty has no weight limit!


I'm done hiding beneath sleeves and jeans in the heat of summer, and you should be, too. 


Below are photos submitted by fat babes everywhere who dare to be comfortable & rock whatever fashions they want to rock. I hope you find it inspiring! 


+ Post photos of yourself dressing comfortably for summer using hashtags #MoreThanPlus or #FatBabePower for a chance to be featured on Instagram! +


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+ Amanda Brauner, IG: @AmandaFail +


+ Ani Welch +


+ Ashely Nicole, IG: @HairstyleAddikt +


+ Katina Vasquez, IG: @Southern.Anchors94 +


+ Chasitystar Morgan, IG: @ChasityStar +


+ Shannon Hughes, IG: @Shannanigans83 +


+ Selena Chanel Saltsman, IG: @SelenaChanelxo +


+ Amber Taylor, IG: @BudgetSplurgeBeauty +


+ Lyndsie Klein-Palmer, IG: @AvidlySeekingBooks +


+ Cecelia Fricks +

"This project means a lot to me, I live in the southern United States and it gets very hot here. Up until 3 years ago, I never wore shorts or tank tops. I used to hate summer because I would be so uncomfortable, but now I really enjoy the warm weather! I say fuck the haters, I deserve to be comfortable."


+ Taylor Bishop, IG: @DizzynPretty +


+ Melissa Lupercio +


+ Minerva, @SpookyFatBabe +


Thank you so much to all the babes in my body positive Facebook group for plus size women, Fat Babes! Forever! who participated! You're all rockstars! Xoxo