In the past few months, I've decided to become more open on social media about my identity as a practitioner of witchcraft.


It's something that's been a huge part of my life for years, but there's so much stigma surrounding what it means to be a witch that I just didn't feel comfortable opening myself up to speculations and ridicule- until now. 


I've realized that the best way to clear up misconceptions is to talk freely about them. With that in mind, here I am, declaring myself publicly to be a secular witch with specific interests in Tarot, astrology, palmistry and crystal work.


What does it mean to be a secular witch, exactly? The word "secular" in this context refers to the fact that I don't incorporate dogma or deities into my craft; unlike, say, Wiccans, I don't worship any gods or goddesses. There's no religious component to my witchcraft whatsoever. Rather, I focus on empowering myself emotionally and maintaining harmony and synchronosity with the vibrations of the universe.


The most important thing to know about witchcraft is that there are no set rules to witchcraft.


 It's ambiguous and often intuition-based. Witchcraft is deeply personal and not at all linear. What calls to one person may not vibe with another, and that's okay. 


For instance, I love working with crystals. I feel such a strong connection to so many different kinds, and I meditate with them daily. However, I've dabbled in working with herbs and plants, which is another very common aspect of witchcraft, and I've never felt any kind of spiritual vibration or calling from them.


As I mentioned, I also practice divination. I've tried working with runes, which are common divination tools, and I felt no connection to them whatsoever; conversely, when I gave Tarot a go, I immediately started getting very on-point, clear messages and repeated spreads. Tarot just vibes with me in a way that other divination methods haven't.


My experiences don't mean that working with plants/herbs or runes is "wrong"; they just don't happen to flow with me in particular. 


You don't have to be adept and fluent in every minute possible aspect of witchcraft to be a witch; you don't even have to worship any gods or goddesses in particular, or at all- you only have to be true to yourself. 


All I use witchcraft for is to empower myself and give myself the emotional tools I need to handle what life dishes out. I don't do spells to try to influence the outcomes of events in my life, because I believe that the universe unfolds as it should. I also don't dabble in dark arts whatsoever. I'm not shaming those of us who do, but I personally just don't feel like putting any sort of negative energy out into the world.


Real-world witches aren't the warty, ugly, mean-spirited things fairytales usually depict; we're real people who are simply following our own paths intuitively. Witchcraft has been such a positive force in my life! It has made me feel powerful and given me a tremendous amount of inner strength and balance. So, the next time someone reveals to you that they're a witch, please don't make any assumptions about them. Witchcraft is a personal journey that means so many things to many people and cultures. Instead, ask questions with an open mind! The more we talk about things we don't fully understand, the more tolerant and edified the world becomes!