“Sorry, I Can’t- I Have To Charge My Makeup!"


We all have our little self-care routines that make us feel recharged and empowered. For some, weekly face masks and relaxing bubble baths do the trick; others like to make time to curl up with a good book in a cozy spot. I have a rather unconventional way of infusing my self-care routines with positivity- I spiritually charge my cosmetics!


Makeup is something I wear daily. By charging my cosmetic products, I’m ensuring that I wear good vibes wherever I go. The ritual feels more intimate than, say, simply using sage to cleanse a room. Makeup goes directly onto skin and gets into our very pores, so charging it with good vibes feels particularly intimate. Not only that, but the act of consciously putting spiritual intent into such a ritual is somehow very cathartic for me.


Here’s how I do it!


Using crystals and burning sage bundles, I enchant my makeup products as a weekly ritual. I begin by thinking of the week I have ahead of me, and what I could stand to benefit from the ritual. I select specific crystals based on my needs each week. For example, if I have a busy or hectic time ahead, I gather crystals like Tiger's Eye and orange aventurine to bring me focus and followthrough. If I could use a little extra good luck, I prepare to start the ritual with some green aventurine. If I’m dealing with inner conflict or heartache, I bust out the rose quartz to open up my heart chakra and make me more receptive to love and healing. Clear quartz is my staple makeup-cleansing crystal- it fills the cosmetics with general positivity and helps me to clear my mind of any negativity.


The sage cleanses my cosmetics spiritually, leaving a sort of blank slate for the crystals to fill with positive intent. I start the ritual by laying out my makeup products and burning sage over them. With the smoke lingering gently in the room, I meditate with the chosen crystals for a few minutes, focusing on the properties they stand to offer me- good luck, healing, focus, etc. Then, when I feel that the crystals are fully charged with my intent, I place them on the makeup products and let them rest there for a while. 


Since the air is already ripe with sage and magic at this point, I usually do a tarot spread while I let the crystals enchant my cosmetics. By the end of the ritual, I feel energized, empowered, and ready to tackle the week ahead!


Infusing my cosmetics with positive intent helps me be more mindful and puts me in a focused, empowered head space. It's my way of starting the week refreshed and open to what the universe has in store for me. Give it a try! After all, couldn't we all stand a little more enchantment in our lives?