My New Year's Resolutions for 2018!


Our bodies are constantly promoted as problems to be fixed, but there is so much focus on altering our physical appearances this time of year that the pressure can be devastating. Diet, weight loss and beauty industries are pushing their arbitrary, bullshit beauty standards on us with full force. With all this New Year's talk centered around "improving" our bodies, this can quickly turn into a very shallow, toxic time. Why don't we dig a little deeper and find areas of ourselves we can work on that go beyond physicality? 


This New Year, I challenge you to resolve to cultivate yourself as a person. Take your mental health seriously, improve your self-image by consciously changing your thought patterns, work on areas where you may be exhibiting toxic behavior, and learn new skills! There's a full moon in Cancer on January 1st! Use this time to dig deep, find your truth, and recognize areas where you truly need improvement. 


Here's my personal list of resolutions! Get inspired! 





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 My rose quartz  Chakrub

My rose quartz Chakrub

+ I resolve to put more spiritual intent into sex, because pleasure is holy


+ I resolve to put conscious effort into correcting my toxic behavior patterns that stem from anxiety. I need be more comfortable letting go of control, and more aware of the way my controlling tendencies affect other people


+ I resolve to continue going to therapy and cultivating mental health



+ I resolve to work on being softer and more compassionate; to act more like The Empress, less like the bitchy Queen of Swords reversed


+ I resolve to take a class to learn a new skill (sewing, cooking, art, etc.)


+ I resolve to drink more water, because that's pretty essential and I don't drink enough!


+ I resolve to read more books, because I'm happier when I read fiction more consistently 


 Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

+ I resolve to get better about removing my makeup before bed


+ I resolve to further explore my own place and privilege within movements I support in the interest of promoting intersectionality


+ I resolve to not do things that make me uncomfortable as a result of peer pressure


 Raw rose quartz

Raw rose quartz

+ I resolve to meditate with crystals more regularly 


+ I resolve to exercise more, but because the symptoms of my circulatory disease are improved when I do, not because I want to change my appearance


+ I resolve to let myself have bad days with my disabilities. Disability can be frustrating, and that frustration isn't a sign of weakness. I need to stop being so hard on myself


+ I resolve to be more nurturing of my close relationships


+ I resolve to prune toxic people from my garden of friends and family


 LUSH bath bombs

LUSH bath bombs

+ I resolve to take more baths, because self-care is important- I deserve to light candles, indulge in some champagne, draw a bath, toss in a bath bomb and pamper myself

+ I resolve to not feel badly about about removing toxic people from my life


+ I resolve to strive for authenticity rather than perfection



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