Whenever I wear this jacket, I get a lot of questions about it, so I thought I'd better give you the scoop! 


I bought this denim jacket from Lane Bryant about a decade ago, but didn't wear it for ages because I felt it was too plain. So, I eventually decided to bust out my cheap-o sewing kit and make it a punk rock wardrobe staple! 


First, I decided on a theme. Feminism? Punk rock music? Broken-hearted babe? Riot grrrl? I ended up settling on a spooky Halloween theme, and began by curating a collection of on-theme patches and pins.


Instead of just buying normal patches, which gets expensive quickly, I scoped out the kids' section of Target during Halloween season and bought up a bunch of printed, cute, spooky t-shirts for a few bucks each. I cut them up and sewed the fabric on the jacket! Voilà! The "CREEPY" patch across my back is actually part of a tote bag I found on sale. Most of the Halloween pins, I found on Amazon. 




  • I started out sewing the fabric and patches on the jacket, but, as I have severe arthritis, that got pretty old quickly. I ended up going on Amazon & spending about $5 for this fabric glue to use instead. It works super well! 


  • If you're going to go the cutting-up-random-things-to-make-patches route like I did, I recommend investing in a solid pair of fabric shears. Otherwise, you're likely to have frayed edges everywhere before you get a chance to glue/sew the material to the denim!


  • When you're buying a base denim jacket, there are way less expensive options than getting them from Lane Bryant (mine set me back about $75). Forever21 offers a bunch of them, and Charlotte Russe has a few jackets I have my eye on that would serve as perfect bases for your DIY project. Shop around!


I'm not very crafty or good at DIY projects, but this one was super easy and fun. I love this jacket now and wear it all the time! The options are really endless as far as personalizing it goes- you can add studs, glitter, buttons, beads, etc.! Get yourself a sweet denim jacket and go wild!