I'm a size 24/26, and finding Halloween costumes in my size that aren't shapeless and frumpy is DIFFICULT AF. My good friend Grace Mateo gave me the idea to make my own costume featuring things I already have in my closet, which is a great option for plus size babes who have trouble finding cute costumes in shops! While you might not have these EXACT outfits in your closet, you undoubtably have similar pieces to use! Check out these easy-breezy, stylish plus size Halloween costumes!


Spooktacular Plus Size Witch Costume


Black Dress + black boots + a witch hat. So simple, so cute! I put this together with a dress from Forever21, Doc Marten boots, and a witch hat I've had sitting in my closet for years. If you don't happen to have a pointed hat (or if you don't feel like taking the stereotypical approach to portraying a witch), you could always carry around a crystal, tarot cards or some other witchy object! 













Pretty Plus Size Princess

Looking for something a little more on the light side of things? How about using this easy-peasy princess costume as inspiration? The white tulle skirt is from Charlotte Russe, and I just threw some lingerie from Torrid on underneath it to use as a top for a slightly sexy vibe. The crown and wand were deeply buried in my closet, left over from my bachelorette party years ago. I threw on some white heels and voilà! Plus size princess. 


If you happen to have a set of wings lying around, you could go as a fairy princess! Are you crafty? If so, create a simple tooth cut-out using poster board or something similar for a ridiculously easy, super cute plus size tooth fairy costume! 







Plus Size Frisky Feline Costume


Real talk- I'm obsessed with this leopard print dress I bought from Deb years ago. I'll wear it any chance I get, so busting it out for this easy leopard costume was a no-brainer. Any leopard print outfit will do, which is the beauty of this simple costume! I used liquid eyeliner to create the easiest cat makeup in the world (sans cat-eyes because I've had a bunch of coffee today, so my hands are way too shaky to pull them off right now!). Ta-da! Plus size frisky feline, at your service. Meow!



Finding plus size costumes you'll actually want to wear on Halloween can be a Hallo-bummer. Use these easy DIY costumes as inspiration for your own wicked look! Get creative and stay spooky, boils and ghouls!