My bedroom is my oasis. From the minimalist, white metal-and-glass furniture to the carefully-selected plants and chic wall adornments, I've spent a lot of time thoughtfully cultivating a refreshing, modern-luxe vibe. At the heart of it all- the crown jewel of my bedroom- is my Big Fig mattress. After all, what really makes a bedroom a relaxing dream space is that it offers a deeply comfortable sleep, night after night. I'm seriously so glad that Big Fig exists, because they've been a total game changer for me. I've spent a small fortune over the years on other "premium" beds and mattresses that just weren't made for plus size bodies.


Other Premium Mattresses Aren't A Dream Come True If You're Plus Size


Big Fig reached out to me at a really synchronistic time. My husband and I had just been discussing our then-current mattress, which was an expensive, top-of-the-line king-size Serta we had bought just a few years earlier. I'm 300+ pounds, and heavier than my husband. Already, on my side of the bed, the Serta mattress is noticeably sagging. As an experiment, my husband and I switched sides for a night, and he woke up with back pain because of the way the mattress had begun deteriorating. I don't know about you, but when I pay thousands of dollars for a mattress, I expect the best. Clearly, that's not what Serta offers if you're plus size. 

Real Talk: I've also broken beds, and it's an awful feeling. My husband and I splurged on a gorgeous wooden bed a couple of years ago. Disappointingly, I promptly broke some of the foundation slats just trying to get into bed for the night. It made me feel so embarrassed, honestly! The reality is that not all beds and bed frames are created with plus size babes in mind, and that sucks, because we deserve to have consistently great sleep without worrying about ruining the beds we've invested in.


Plus Size Babes Deserve Great Sleep, Too



Cue: Big Fig, a mattress company made with plus size babes in mind. Their mattresses are made with multiple layers of high-density poly-foam to keep them supportive, night after night. They also feature ThermoGel technology to help keep you cool and comfortable. Big Fig's foundation is 5x more supportive than traditional foundations, their ultra-sturdy frame is made with recycled railroad steel, and their 20-year warranty will have you resting peacefully, knowing you've invested in a quality mattress that Big Fig really stands behind. They also offer financing to help get you the sleep of your dreams even if you're working on a budget. The cherry on top? It's all USA-made! 

After reading all the specs, I was impressed. Big Fig sounds like the Holy Grail of fat babe beds! I scoured the net and read a lot of glowing reviews from other plus size people, too. I knew I had to try it for myself. Is Big Fig really as great as everyone says it is?


My First Night With Big Fig

 Rumpelstiltskin photo bomb!

Rumpelstiltskin photo bomb!

My king-size Big Fig mattress, foundation and frame came by white-glove delivery. A delivery team carried everything upstairs to my bedroom and set the whole thing up for me- which is great, because I'm actually a princess. 

On the first night with my new mattress, I brushed my teeth, popped my custom mouthguard into place (any other teeth grinders out there? You know the struggle!), set freshly-cleansed amethyst on my nightstand to promote sweet dreams, and hopped into bed.

The mattress is firmer than my old one, but in a lovely, supportive way while still being soft and snuggly. It's not a stiff, hard sort of firm; it just feels like it's cradling and supporting my body well.


Rise & Shine!



I fell asleep quickly and woke up eight hours later, having gotten a restful, deep, refreshing sleep. I hadn't realized how truly uncomfortable my old Serta had gotten until I tried the Big Fig mattress! I slept so well on my new bed! In the morning, my husband, who usually gets hot while he sleeps, remarked about how cool he stayed all night. I was worried the bed might be too firm for him because he's not nearly as heavy as I am, but he loves it. It's even pup-approved! 


 Big Fig: a mattress made for big people (and big dogs!)

Big Fig: a mattress made for big people (and big dogs!)


I love waking up feeling invigorated after a great night's sleep, and that's exactly what Big Fig has given me. I'm obsessed with my new bed, and I want you babes to experience it, too! I'd invite you all over for a slumber party if I could, but the next best thing I can do is give you a coupon code to use for $$ off your new mattress! 


Use code "SPOOKYFATBABE" to save $$$ on your Big Fig order!


I absolutely love this game-changing mattress, and I'm super confident that you will, too. Remember, you deserve a great night's sleep, no matter your size. Happy sleeping, babes!




Note: Big Fig gifted me a mattress, foundation, frame and white-glove delivery, but my reviews are always honest. I'm very selective about the brands and companies I partner with. Links are affiliate links that show brands that I matter. Thanks, babes! Go get yourself a great night's sleep on a new Big Fig mattress!