I absolutely love sending out cards. Adopted a pet? Better get those announcement cards ready! Bought a house? Cue the moving announcements! Birthday party? Get those invites printed! Valentine’s Day, Halloween, winter holidays? Yep! Cards are made! Sending cards is such a thoughtful way to stay connected, and receiving them in the post just feels special. Physical cards can make such a statement and lasting impression, and I really appreciate the consideration that goes into creating and sending them. So, who do I turn to for all my card creation needs?

Basic Invite!


We live in an age when so much of our communication is done electronically. While this definitely has some extraordinary merits, emails, social media posts, and texts can sometimes feel rather impersonal. Sending holiday cards, invitations, and life announcements electronically makes for an underwhelming, boring, and forgettable experience. Instead, I turn to Basic Invite to help me create luxe, memorable cards! Basic Invite is my go-to shop for custom stationary, announcements, and printed holiday cards. Not only do they have stylish design templates that are super easy to customize, but the actual level of customization you can achieve with them is really unique. They have a selection of over 40 envelope colors and 180+ color options to choose from when editing the card designs. They even offer foil options (both flat and raised!) in silver, gold, and rose gold. Swoon! 

Taking the Guesswork Out of Card Customization


Maybe it’s just my detail-oriented Capricorn moon, but I can be a bit of a perfectionist. The Devil is in the details, so for those special moments when the particulars are paramount, Basic Invite offers the option of ordering a sample of your customized design. This lets you really get a feel for the paper quality, aesthetic, and exact, printed colors, so you can place your final order with complete confidence. I’m already currently planning out this year’s custom Christmas cards. I ordered a few samples featuring my fur-kids! So cute!

A Service to Make Updating Address Lists Easy


I love sending cards so much that you’d assume I’d be great at keeping a current address list for my friends and family, right? Nope. Collecting and updating addresses used to be a really time-consuming and disorganized process for me; the absolute bane of my adventures in card sending. Luckily, Basic Invite now has me covered! They feature a really simple, easy-to-use address capturing service. All you have to do is post a provided link on your favorite social media site and request the addresses you need. Basic Invite conveniently stores them in your private customer account. To top it off, get this: recipient address printing is offered on all card orders at no extra cost. How cool is that?


Whether you need custom holiday cards for business or personal use, event invitations, stationary, business cards, or announcement cards, Basic Invite has you covered. Right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Score!

Happy designing!

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