Mercury isn't even in retrograde quite yet, and already it seems like things have gone a bit topsy-turvy. Quite a few of my friends are going through rough, sudden breakups! I've been spending so much time running around town, putting together personalized, comforting care-packages for all the broken hearts in my life. All I can really do is lend a shoulder to cry on. As cringe-inducing as it sounds, I really believe that sometimes pain is part of growth. 




One of my newly-single friends asked me to do a Tarot reading with her, and the main card we pulled was Death. It's an often misunderstood card- it doesn't usually indicate actual death; it heralds transformation, endings, and major life changes.


We've all experienced transitional periods in our lives. These upheavals are sometimes uncomfortable, but they can bring about better things. Endings lead to new beginnings- that's simply the cyclical nature of our lives. Metamorphosis is just the name of the game! 


My December Tarot reading

My December Tarot reading

My own life has been filled with positivity lately, however. Sagittarius season is now upon us, and I've been feeling lucky and unstoppable. My glass has been half-full, my clouds have all had glowing silver linings, and I've made friends with every black cat that's crossed my path. Even my December Tarot reading spoke of positive things! All this good fortune has brought me a lot of treasures, including some adorable presents from Society+!




I love great presentation, and Society+ doesn't disappoint. This navy Makena polka dot skirt arrived cradled by chic tissue paper inside a big Society+ box. Upon unwrapping it, the quality of this skirt was immediately apparent. It's fully lined and made of a luxe polyester material. Magically, even though it had been folded up in a box for a couple of days as it shipped, it hardly needed any steaming before I wore it. I'm also impressed by how wrinkle-resistant it is! This is great, because I definitely live up to the millennial stereotype of being lazy about caring for clothing (my ironing board hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time, and I feel like I'm winning at life when I remember to use lingerie bags and Woolite when washing delicates). 


This skirt makes me feel flirty and a little retro, so I thought it'd be fun to make it the focal pop in an otherwise menswear-inspired outfit. I've paired it with a simple burgundy faux-wrap crop top from Charlotte Russe, a denim vest I've had in my closet for years, and finished the look off with brown faux-suede, tasseled loafers. A modest, white Coach bag with gold detailing holds my essentials while I'm out shopping for those care -package essentials: face masks, champagne, rose quartz, etc. 




Planetary positions often influence my outfits and makeup looks, and this outfit just screams, "Mercury is in Sagittarius!" Detail-oriented Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it's in wild, brash Sagittarius, expect the unexpected. The Makena Polka Dot Skirt is the wildcard in this otherwise very Mercury outfit, but it totally works! The length of the skirt is modest and flirty enough to not seem out of place in the outfit, and the navy color complements the burgundy crop top and blue/grey denim vest. 




I'm off to deliver presents to my forlorn friends! Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius soon, babes- try to stay compassionate with your words! With Mercury in this position, it's easy to come across as overly harsh and brash in a way that's ultimately detrimental. Long-winded tangents are also to be avoided, as hurtful miscommunications are so common with the planets positioned this way. Stay direct in your communication and emotionally soft, and keep it stylish, babes!