Image of The Protector in an energy pyramid I set up

Image of The Protector in an energy pyramid I set up

Crystals For Change, by Bopo Women, offers a luxe range of crystals with a mission!


The crystals are sourced from Madagascar, and every crystal ordered benefits @MadaWorks to help give women pathways out of systemic poverty by providing them with the education they deserve. My crystal arrived packaged in a gorgeous box (seriously- the packaging blew me away! It's so lush and thoughtfully-designed!) with a glass stand and chic card that states the properties and intention of the crystal. 


The range includes:


The Lover

A Luxe Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose quartz is one of my very favorite crystals! A staple in any collection, it offers loving, calming, emotionally healing energy. I keep rose quartz displayed in the busiest area of my home, my living room, to promote love and peace among everyone who lives here. I also keep rose quartz with me when I do self-care rituals, to help me cultivate self-love and forgiveness. The spherical shape of the Crystals for Change rose quartz allows its energy to radiate evenly throughout a space, making it a great (and gorgeous!) specimen to display prominently.


The Wanderer

Dream Amethyst Wand

I love amethyst! It's a very visually striking crystal, and each piece is so unique. Amethyst has a lot of benefits, making it a must-have in any crystal collection. It gives off energy that promotes creativity, peace, clarity and harmony. I keep it beside my bed, because I sometimes have nightmares, and it's known for encouraging sweet dreams. The Crystals for Change Dream Amethyst comes in a wand shape, which is also called a generator because it's a great shape for focusing and amplifying energy. Display it wherever you need a stimulating boost of creativity and clarity, like an office, or keep this amethyst wand in bedrooms to promote calm, restful sleep.


The Protector

A Striking Black Obsidian Pyramid

Bopo Women let me choose a crystal from this range as a gift, and I selected The Protector. This striking obsidian specimen gives off very grounding vibes that banish negativity and promote truth. It encourages me to listen to my intuition and be honest with myself. The Protector's pyramid shape makes it great for radiating focused energy throughout a space. I keep my black obsidian pyramid by the front door to protect the peaceful, loving vibes I've worked hard to cultivate throughout my home! 

Image of The Protector on my grimoire

Image of The Protector on my grimoire


Bopo Women's new crystal range, Crystals For Change, is a must-have for anyone looking to protect and promote loving, harmonious, creative vibes and self-love. I'm so happy with The Protector, and I can't wait to add more crystals from this range to my collection! You can feel good about your Crystals For Change purchase, knowing that 20% of the profits go to support educating women in Madagascar, where the crystals are sourced. 


  • Use the code "UNO" when you order one crystal for a free Empower Facial Elixir Roll-On by Bopo Women

  • Use the code "DUO" when you order two crystals to receive the above plus a free Self-Care Elixir Roll-On

  • Use code "TRIO" to receive both of the above gifts plus the Bopo Women Rose Quartz Facial Roller